5 things to know before initiating your fitness journey

We all wish that we would have known 1 or 2 things before initiating our fitness journey. It can be scary to make that first step into this new world especially with so many dos and don’ts daunting this field. I was certainly part of that group. But, luckily with experience comes wisdom and I […]

How to snap out of procrastination with 5 simple thoughts

I have struggled with procrastination ever since I can remember. It has been my elixir of choice, subconsciously and my wisest nemesis. The mere idea of work induced this reluctance to get anything done. I believe that this type of mindset stemmed from the fact that I know I have time left to complete a […]

Top 12 ways to get your endorphin level to peak

During this period when crowded places should be avoided, it is hard to keep yourself entertained. Aside from the usual “stay hydrated”, “get enough sleep” advices, there are more fun ways to bring your endorphin level up a notch. I usually resort to a number of activities to unleash my positivity ‘tude and get my […]

How Meditation Changed My Life And Why You Need To Start

I started meditation since January 2021 and I did not expect to achieve any fruitful result from it. Frankly speaking, I just wanted to try something new that could entertain me, at that time. But it did more than entertain me. My background and journey I am Hindu and my desi background always had me […]

How To Boost Your Motivation To Work Out When Working From Home

Working from home has been the most common activity since the Covid-19 calamity. I have come a long way and learnt periodically to adjust to such a routine. However, I have encountered countless challenges along the way hindering my mental and physical growths. Maintaining the motivation to work out has been tedious for me during […]

Top 5 affordable lodges you need to book in Mauritius

Mauritius is a very tiny island anchored in the heart of Indian Ocean. While it has not much to offer in terms of size, it sure does compensate for this in terms of sceneries. If you are on a budget and looking for a quiet get-away in the hope to mitigate all of your stress, […]

Dodola lodge : Grand Baie

I had the opportunity to spend a night at Dodola lodge. A small, cozy setting berthing the coast, nestled comfortably by Pereybere beach, in the North of Mauritius. It is a 3-star hotel providing a basic room that comes with a little balcony to entertain smokers. It is not exactly a typical get-away for someone […]

La Case Mama

The moonlight stippling the water of the sea gave off the impression that this place hid something so magical, borderline sinister. The kind of disguise a witch would resort to so that we would be forever enchanted and engulfed by the lushness of the surroundings, unable to scream in protest and allowing our souls to […]

Villa Le Morne

The freshly cut grass laid like a red carpet, ready to welcome the VIPs who could barely contain their excitement at the sight of this mini garden housed by this majestic villa. By VIPs, I was referring to my tribe, a gaggle of persons faking their way through adulthood, and I. I contemplated this view […]

Villa Kai : Birthday bash 12/09/2020

“Where is everybody?” I thought. It struck me that the countdown to my birthday began now and a swell of affection temporarily blotted out any anxiety of turning 24. I had the opportunity to spend the night at Villa Kai. A piece of gem berthing the coast of Trou d’Eau Douce, pickled in exoticism and […]

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